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Daniel Chan
Lingfeng Chen
We are a professional solution supplier of walkie talkie, located in the global walkie talkie production base, providing one-stop walkie talkie purchasing service, walkie talkie purchasing supermarket diversified products, one is also the factory price. Quanzhou Xiezhong electronic commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, located in Quanzhou, Fujian province. It is a wholesaler specializing in electronic communication industry and wireless communication system solution supplier. It is one of the largest Interphone companies in Fujian, and has high brand awareness and influence in the professional wireless communication industry and electronic products industry in central China. It is the vice-chairman unit of Fujian Radio Association. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Interphone wholesale, sales, leasing, maintenance, networking, leasing, production, research and development, wireless communication system engineering design and construction. Beijing, Anhui, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces all have branches and service networks all over the country.
The company is the general agent of interphone in Fujian province and the special distributor of interphone in central China authorized by the manufacturer; acting as the agent of domestic and foreign well-known brands: beifeng Kun, Quansheng Interphone, Motorola Interphone, real group Interphone, Wanhua Interphone, Bao Feng Interphone, force voice Interphone, yixinyi, yusheng, ouxun, Haineng, Jianwu, badongzhou Interphone, interphone of domestic and foreign brands, vehicle-mounted platform, transfer desk and electronic communication equipment such as real-group interphone and real-group Interphone earphones independently developed and produced
The company has the qualification of selling all kinds of wireless communication equipment approved by Fujian Radio Management Committee, and the supplier Access Unit of Fujian railway bureau, and has completed large-scale wireless communication projects for many times. With the development and expansion of business, the company now has the following departments: Marketing Department, product department, electronic communication department, technical engineering department, network sales department, distribution logistics department, warehousing and wholesale department and after-sales maintenance department. Technical personnel account for 62% of the total number of employees. It has strong technical development and the ability to undertake all kinds of communication projects, security monitoring and alarm, network engineering. Our company has three comprehensive testers, three frequency scanners, two spectrometers, one network analyzer and other testing equipment, and enjoys a certain reputation in the communication industry in central China.
Since its establishment, the company has been based in Quanzhou, facing the whole country, seeking market by quality, survival by reputation and development by technological innovation. With the support of leaders of relevant departments, distributors and users, it provides a large number of high-quality wireless interphones, vehicle-mounted stations, relay stations and electronic digital products, digital video optical terminals, optical fiber receivers, hard disk video recorders, routers, switches, telephones, pagers, etc. equipment, at the same time, it undertakes various communication network projects such as taxi wireless dispatching system, wireless communication command and dispatch network, security monitoring and alarm, integrated access, optical transmission, broadband wireless local area network, etc.
The company has established a perfect marketing network and service platform in Fujian province, with many core customers all over central China and established friendly cooperative partnership. The company has strong strength, credit-oriented, contract-abiding, product quality assurance and perfect after-sales service have won unanimous trust and praise from dealers and customers all over the world!